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Window cleaning Kensington and surrounding areas for more than 10 years means that we know what you need.

Our Kensington window cleaners are highly trained and experienced. This means that you get a better job every time.

Features Of Kensington NSW


One of the great things about our Kensington window cleaning services is that we get to appreciate all that this South Sydney suburb has to offer.

In recent times, Kensington has become even more popular with the addition of the light rail/tram system that links the area to Sydney CBD. Because of this, residents in the area don’t only consist of students, but now they form an integral part of the commuter belt.

This increase in Kensington demographic sectors has meant that rental occupancy in the area has substantially increased. Our window cleaners have therefore been well occupied in providing cleaning services to those moving in, or moving out of local rentals.

Despite it’s proximity and ease of travel to Sydney, Kensington has extensive facilities of it’s own. The area is home to NIDA(National Institute of Dramatic Arts), as well as UNSW(Univerity of New South Wales).

However, despite it’s high level of semi-permanent residents, Kensington also has it’s classic, and permanent residents. Our window cleaners have cleaned many early to mid twentieth century houses that have been occupied by local families for generations.

Because of the high traffic, and transient residency, we recommend hiring our window cleaning service more frequently that in other local areas such as the suburb of Waverley. The exhaust fumes, pollution, and increased foot traffic in Kensington NSW mean that local windows will be significantly more dirty than would normally be the case.

Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Kensington has many shops and offices, so commercial window cleaners in the area are vital for its presentation. We cater to a wide variety of businesses, so we can serve your business in a way that will make it shine! Whether your business is a local McDonalds type restaurant, or a business associated with UNSW, we can provide you with a free quote, and prompt service. Trust our local Kensington window cleaners to help you present your local business in the best possible light!

Residential Window Cleaning

Kensington is a vibrant mix of apartments and homes. So, we can cater for your home, whether it be for a spring clean, tenancy cleaning, or a regular booking.

House window washing services in Kensington may consist of a higher level apartment, established family home, or student accomodation. However, no matter what your residence is, or how high, we will likely be able to clean your windows successfully.

We also know that, because of the high rental demographics of Kensington, that you may need a single clean when moving in or moving out. This is no issue, we can provide you with a FREE quote, competitive pricing, and receipt for your payment. This helps you to be able to secure your bond release from the real estate agent that you use.

With our experience, you can trust us in your home.


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