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6 Reliable Ways That Commercial Window Cleaning in Sydney Does A Great Job!




Window cleaning.Sydney knows that commercial window cleaning is a process that can be costly and unreliable. Frequently, it is a task that often becomes neglected, causing your windows to dull, and making your premises look shabby, partly due to the difficulty in reaching the higher glass and wiping those almost impossible ledges! On top of that, once it is neglected, a never ending mountain of grunge seems to settle on your windows, frames and sills….what to do!

Don’t despair! Listen to this, it is recommended that, if at all within your means, remove the windows from their frames, especially louvres, clean them thoroughly, return to their original location…and repeat. Of course, maintaining clean windows involves getting to them on a regular basis, which will keep your shop, warehouse, or office shining year round.

In addition, there are some sure fire ways..known only to experts will make sure you get the greatest possible results when setting out to get the job done. Some of them are listed below.


1. The Right Equipment For The Right Job?


Don’t be fooled, you must have the right tools for a truly great job while window cleaning. The main criteria are things such as a professional bucket, a cleaning solvent, or detergent (which can be anything from Windex to ammonia to light soap to Morning Fresh, even to vinegar), a non scratch scouring pad or sponge, and lint free cloths to wipe up the runs and drips.

Not to disregard the ‘old timers’ ways such as, newspaper or coffee filter paper which can clean the glass..albeit less thoroughly, and much more slowly. Now, of course, the water should be crystal clean, neither too hot, nor too cold, as this reduces the cleansing power of the water: a mild or lukewarm temperature is your key to success.


2. Shelter from all extreme weather


It might not seem all that logical but, we cleaning glass on days when the sun is beating down, is a hiding to nothing, which any professional Sydney window cleaner can verify. Two logical reasons will explain why this is the case. Firstly, direct sunshine almost blinds the window cleaner, making it beyond reasonable to see anything that has been missed. Oftentimes, a later inspection will show big misses and spills on the glass.
Secondly, sun is hot! This means that the water will often evaporate from the glass before it can be removed..meaning that dirt will still be there, if somewhat dislodged from it’s original position. With this in mind, aim to get your windows cleaned on a cloudier, more humid day…early morning or late evening are best for the greatest result.

3. Bonus Tip – Spray the cleanser onto the glass!


Using your bucket, mix your detergent with the CLEAN water thoroughly until evenly distributed. When using different types of detergents, it is important to follow the advice on the bottle as to how much to use, to avoid too much..or too little soapiness. Take for instance, Ammonia. It has a great degreasing effect, and, as such, is a wonderful tool for cleaning glass surfaces in the kitchen. However, too much is not a good thing: use only approx. 20-30 millilitres per litre of water.
Remember, when adding your detergent, you should endeavour to end up with only a small amount of foam being produced, don’t make a bubble bath of it! Why? One reason, because too much foam makes getting the suds off a much harder task. When the applicator has been immersed in the solution, ring it down with your hand, expelling any excess water, so that not too much is applied to the window that you are cleaning.
Soap does take a little while to penetrate grime, so don’t rush, especially when cleaning really filthy windows. This most likely will happen in those windows that are exposed to the elements (such as those already mentioned in the kitchen or ones that face prevailing winds or the ocean) as well as those that have been neglected for quite a while, according to the experts.


4. Our Commercial window cleaning service is one of the few in Sydney to clean the frames and tracks upon request.


Truly professional window cleaning services also clean window frames, tracks, and other things around the window housing, such as fly screens. Generally, you would use mostly the same tools, with the exception of wooden frames etc. where, it is wise to check which local products are specifically formulated for wood cleaning.
Shutters, on the other hand, are are a nightmare to access on the outsides..especially on upper levels, with the exception being those which can be reached on the ground floor. The best way to handle such a difficult task is by using a water fed brush from the ground, cleaning the outsides..then wiping the insides from balconies etc.
This will help prevent splashing dirty water on the glass and will have the added benefit on cleaning dust and grime from the frames etc. Cleaning the surrounds does not mean you won’t need to clean again in the future, however, it does minimise build up of dirt on a frequent basis..thereby saving some money.


5.  Give the windows a good wash down!


Taking the water off the glass can be done in a variety of ways. For instance, you can wipe down with a cloth, but you can also use a brush or a professional window cleaning applicator, which is a T-shaped tool with a long rubber or plastic surface that allows the liquid to be dispelled from the glass surface with only minimal exerting. FYI, it should be done with the use of gravity…go from top to’ll be so much easier!


6. Fed up with slops and messy window cleaners? Commercial Window Cleaning Sydney removes the worry!


Once the cleaning solution has been, by and large, removed, it is time check out the finer details on cleaning the windows, things such as: stain removal, fly poo, and other marks in order to ensure that the glass is altogether spick and span.
If you need to really detail a pane of glass, spray some Windex etc onto a clean, dry cloth and giving the surface of the window a good wipe down is often the best way to clean up one or two spots. Don’t spray directly on the glass surface since, it may discolour the surface.
Our Sydney window cleaners will often use a surgical towel, or other lint free cloth to wipe the surface. The latter, most consisting of newspaper or coffee filter, will absorb a lot of water, and give the window a real Buffy shine. On the other hand, using any old towel will leave lint or fluff on your windows, and spoil the shine that has been so hard to work for.


Why don’t we use magnetic or robotic window cleaners 


Every day that goes by seems to serve up a new ‘robotic’ tool designed to let you clean your windows from the comfort of your couch, as seen by the never ending conveyor belt of glass cleaning robots, which are supposed to do to the glass what robot vacuum cleaners have done to home cleaning. But, are they worthwhile?
Technology is often very useful, time conserving, and cost saving – in theory – but is it borne out in reality..sometimes. However, for the time being, they often cost the proverbial ‘arm and a leg’, and the job is…frankly not that great (their prices can sometimes top $800!), and the job that they do is often so poor that it is not money well spent. That is why, at window cleaning Sydney, we use tried and trusted ‘old fashioned’ ways…that do the job properly.


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When it comes to window cleaning commercially, we specialise in the Eastern suburbs such as Mascot, Kensington, Maroubra, Coogee, Matraville, Bondi, Clovelly, Double Bay, Vaucluse, Waverley, Randwick, and Surry Hills.



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  • Is Commercial Window Cleaning Worth The Cost?

    Is Commercial Window Cleaning Worth The Cost?

    Getting commercial window cleaning services for your shop, office, or warehouse in Sydney will often make you more money that it costs!

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    Get A Quote FREE For Your Sydney Window Cleaning Requirement

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    How much will it cost me to have my windows cleaned?

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